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seeing more of the same with that temperature at 61, dew point at 60 in iamsville. and top off at 80 degrees, especially with sunshine. let's get a check with the time saver traffic with lauren cook talk about your accidents this morning. >> there are too many to talk about. the rain is leading to a hectic commute. on the southbound lanes at route 222, we have a crash. and on 83. we have crash in parkton, along the northbound lanes in mount caramel road and the northbound lanes at northern parkway, southbound traffic also starting to pick up in the area. here at the northwest corner of the beltway, traffic almost at a standstill at old court road. the outer loop extremely slow. that will continue as you make the push down towards loop 40. here's the bellway in parkville
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at hartford road, the outer loop a bit sluggish. that is a look the a your abc2 time saver traffic. all new this morning, finally that's what many of you may be saying this morning after news broke just after midnight that the national football league and referees are reached a deal ending a stalemate that could have done damage to the on field program. and it begins tonight here in baltimore. >> they're first game back on the job will be tonight at m and t bank stadium when the ravens host the cleveland browns. couldn't be better time. those replacement refs would have been on the field had the nfl not reached this tentative agreement. you remember what happened monday night when things came to a boiling point. the replacement refs were under fire for the questionable call that gave the saw hawks the win over the green bay packers. after that call the two sides
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got serious about negotiations. coaches players and fans have been frustrated with the o -- officiating by the refs. for football fans especially those ravens fans, it couldn't have come sooner. >> that's awesome. i mean, ravens were directly affected in their second game of the season with a loss that was an obvious bad call, even by replay. the defender didn't even turn around to even know where the ball was going and they called a push off on the offensive player and that was not so. >> so the official refs will be back on the field tonight for their first assignment at m and t when the ravens take on the cleveland browns. they'll be officiating all the games on sunday. we have a developing story, a battle brewing over an effort to make english the official language of carroll county and the public has been invited to way in on this proposed
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ordinance and jeff hager has more. >> reporter: the sign says welcome to carroll county but there's a good chance you may not feel right at home if you don't speak english. >> a friend of mine went to mcdonald's yesterday and tried to order food and the lady was spanish speaking and messed up the order and didn't understand what she was saying. >> you're here might as well learn it. >> reporter: you find bilingual postings in english and spanish. if one commissioner gets his way, the county would conduct all of its official business in english only. haven schumaker junior says his says -- it's twofold. >> to encourage assimilation as wave after wave of immigrants have done in the history. and secondly it prevents carroll county from being in a
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position where it has to start expending cost to be bilingual or multilingual or whatever the case may be. >> reporter: schumaker says 31 states have passed similar measures yet the proposal has prompted criticism from opponent. >> some folks are accusing us of having hidden white holds and bigotry and that sort of the thing and the fact remains that nothing could be further from the truth. what we're trying to encourage is assimilation. we're all the melting pot. this is united states of america. that's the objective. >> reporter: in carroll county, jeff hager, abc 2 news. a class action lawsuit involving students at the university of california. it stems from an incident last november at the uc davis campus. a police officer pepper sprayed students at a a sit in. they were at close range and on
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a walking path. the police were trying to rid the encampment and they will receive $31,000 each for that proposed settlement. the woman claims that the incident happened in december last year on a flight to new orleans. she says the flight attendant brought her tea and it was so hot she suffered second degree burns. she says the tea spilled into her lap and left her permanently scared. a lawsuit is seeking $800,000. if you want an e reader and have been thinking about buying one, hang on. >> the new ones may be better than those in the past. we're going to tell you why many say these may be the best. this is not harry potter but it is the same author, we're going to tell you about jk rollings newest book. and we still have lot offense clouds around, but at least we're dry now. i'll tell you how long that will last coming up. and an accident is causing
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heavy delays here on the harrisburg ex-- expressway. and the other slow spots coming up on good morning maryland. eggs, bacon, and pancakes.
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so far over a million neighbors, friends, and family have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide. and a good morning to you, barnes & noble now trying to get a bigger piece of the tablet market with the hd nook. >> everybody wants in on the nook business and it turns out this one is basically one and seven inches. it's now the other nine. right now the pricing starts at just under $200 which they say is a big selling point with this. the new nook tablets come with a video streaming service, a new scrapbook feature which is pretty cool and they say a simpler home screen. >> 7 inches or 9 inches.
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those tablets are expected to go on sale in early november. a small town doesn't have anyone to enforce its laws. the only member of the law enforcement is a drug sniffing dog. the police chief resigned yesterday. he admitted he owes tens of thousands of dollars from delinquent child support payments. the town's officer who pleaded guilty to assault can't carry a weapon. same sex marriage gambling, there is a lot of important issues that are going to be on the ballot in november. >> also included is the dream act. what local high schoolers plan to do to drum up support for the measure. and the scam going after seniors that could dry up that you are bank account. and the ravens play tonight, the o's play tomorrow and the weekend. i'll have those forecasts coming up. traffic is pretty much at a standstill on 695 at old court
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road and we have two accidents on 83. we'll have your complete time saver traffic report coming up on good morning, maryland.
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abc 2 news is brought to you by
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thompson creek window company. good thursday morning, this is your abc 2 news news to go. i'm megan pringle. >> and i'm charley crowson. let's kick it off with a check of the forecast. we'll start with dramatic video. >> it shows just how dangerous lightning can be. it shows a man heading down the highway when a bolt hits his suv. this happened far away . this is in russia. we haven't been able to find word on whether that driver was okay, but definitely an image that you don't normally see caught on camera. >> look who else is surprised by that lynette charles. >> you don't want to see that but that was neat for lack of a better word. i hope the guy is all right. that was in russia. we're seeing lightning strikes of our own this morning. they are move out of here. that's good news. you want to keep yourself safe when seeing that. you want to stay indoors. right now we are drying out. maryland's most powerful radar
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giving us a break but we will start to see more showers possibly this afternoon. let me take you outside in bel air. we saw lots ophidian pours this morning -- lots of downpours this morning. and the roadways are wet. we have clouds hovering across the area. that will be the scenario for a while. we could get a few peeks of sunshine later in the day. right now temperatures are might, 64 degrees in bel air, and 61 in manchester. these temperatures are well above average. we should be at 53 degrees for a low temperature and we are not getting that. the the hour by hour forecast brings us up to 80 degrees. if we have more sunshine in here that's basically what we'll get and maybe higher like yesterday. let's get a check of the time saver traffic with lauren cook. >> the rain maybe gone but it's left behind a lot of accidents we have big problems on 83. a crash in parkton on mount caramel road and another in the
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city northbound at northern parkway and if you are heading downtown, those southbound lanes will be pretty slow as you make the drive down toward fayette street. we have a crash on east front street at president's street that you'll want to watch out for and if you are using 695, here's a live look at the northwest corner, old court road jammed on that outer loop. that will continue as you make the drive toward interstate 70 and here's the beltway in parkville, not much relief on the outer loop. it's going to be congested. inner loop nice and clear down towards 95. that is a look at your abc 2 news time saver traffic. time 6:46 and we have more on a developing story where a 4- year-old boy and his mother were shot. this happened nap north baltimore and neighbors there say they are fed up with the violence. tonight they're coming together for a community meeting and abc 2 news sherrie johnson joins us with what neighbors are saying because they were fed up before this ever happened. >> reporter: they say enough is enough. they want their community to be
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a lot safer, and tonight people in the better waverly community are coming together to talk about crime and safety. this meeting was already planned before the shootings but of course this latest incident will be the main point of conversation. officers at the police department are searching for a person of interest in this case. the shooting happened last night around 9:30. a 4-year-old boy and his 33- year-old mother were shot during what police say was a domestic dispute. officers responded to the 900 block in the bert waverly community. the mother was shot in the upper arm and the 4-year-old was shot in the hip. the shooting happened inside the woman's home and neighbors say a swat team was called to the same home about two weeks ago for another incident. the community meeting was tonight from 6:30 to 8:00 at johns hopkins at eastern at 1101 east 33rd street for the better waverly community it talk about crime ask safety. we are told city council member mary pat clarks, state
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delegates and police police officers will attend the meeting to answer questions. sherrie johnson abc 2 news. we could find out as early as today what causinged a massive fire. it broke out at the bradly at the bay condominiums. large loom -- plumes of black smoke. several fire companies responded from across the immediate region. no one was injured. three families have had to be relocated: two teenagers are in police custody after a high speed chase that started on 83 and crossed over the state license. this ended here on north charles and greenway, this is in roland park. pennsylvania state police were pursuing two juveniles. they were in a stolen suv. they called to maryland state police to help them out. they caught up with the suspects when that car crashed, basically hit a speed limit sign in the middle of the neighborhood late last night. a body was found floating in the water along the inner harbor and police are trying to
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find out how it got there. the unidentified body was yp&c marine units. it's been sent to the state medical examiner for examination. they're going to try to identify the person and determine a cause of death. identity thieves are dipping into the pockets tw%so nation's most vulnerable. the scammers are going after seniors in a new scam that is leaving some social security recipients short on cash. you see they are getting their hands on personal information such as full names and bank account numbers. this is all happening just as a social security administration is getting to switch to the recipients all of the recipients to direct deposit and getting rid o of the paper checks. crooks fraudulently reroute the benefits to their own bank accounts and prepaid debit cards. they can't vote in the election, but that's not stopping high schoolers from getting involved in the political process. they are planning to go door to door drumming run support for the maryland dream act that helps undocumented imgrants go
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to college on instate tuition rates. >> our students are passionate about the dream act because they believe and we believe that every child in maryland deserves a high quality education. >> the students plan to hold a news conference saturday before they go door to door. opponents of the measure say illegal immigrants should not be allowed to pay instate tuition to go to college because they're not here legally. if your child has student loan debts, they're not the only ones. new estimates say one in five, every household right now a student is carrying some sort of loan with student dote. now, this comes as -- debt, now, this comes as more people are borrowing money, the average student loan in 2010, almost 27 thousand dollars. that's almost double than back in 1995. the nation's total student loan debt is approaching one trillion dollars. halloween won't be too scary for retailers this year because the national retailers federation says 7 in 10
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americans are going to shell out big bucks. it's predicted they're going to spend $8 billion on costumes, decorations and candies and the pets are getting in on the fun, spending a record $370 million on costumes for our dogs and cats. after two years and millions of dollars of so called improvements, it appears to have issues with the popular reflecting pool in dc. there's a green coating. those improvements were supposed to get rid of the problem using a filtration system but something's gone wrong and grossing out visitors coming to the capitol. >> there's a fluffy cloud like substance in the water like it's green. not very nice. >> it's a lot of money and still see all the scum here is disappointing. >> the park service says it's a new complex system that right now just needs to be fine tuned. five things you may want to
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know, members of mother's against drunk driving are meeting with dc lawmakers today to provide funding for highway safety efforts. maryland's lieutenant governor anthony brown will preside over a health care reform meeting happening today. they are going to select the states benchmark plan from the ten eligible options. and the bridge at the robert lee park in washington is being unveiled today part of the 6 million renovation project in baltimore county. kevin cabinet will be speaking at today's ceremony. the author of the harry potter series is passing to a grown audience right now. jk rollings, her new book exclusively for adults, it hits store shelves today, and has sold more than one million copy ins preorders. today's nasa's rover, how it's doing in mars.
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how they plan to present findings. it's on a two year mission o to find out if the planet ever had the possibility for life. may have predicted an early went for us, but maybe we're not meant to be in colorado. instead look at this video, snow there. they're in for afternoon early winter. fell over parents of -- parts of denver. the storm system brought the white such to higher elevations. this is tuesday night and snow changed into rain which happens a lot and forecasters saying the dry ask sunny weekend is going to be -- and sunny weekend is going to happen with temperatures in the 70s. all in a week's span. >> if you don't like the snow, and you want the warmer weather you're going to get that as well. we're dealing with mild temperatures this morning. i'm going to show you that in a second. we had showers and thunderstorms this morning and that's making its way off toward the east. we are getting a break in the action. we could get a little bit of sunshine here as we go into the afternoon just as we did yesterday. yesterday we had an abundant
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amount of sunshine but today a few peaks out there. manchester dealing with plenty of cloud cover and you can see the wet parking lot there, but all in all, we are going to be dealing with drying out for today and then maybe the possibility of some more showers this afternoon. here are the temperatures this morning. don't need that coat. 68 degrees, and 63 degrees in hickory. this is what's going on at the circus. we're still waiting for this cold front to move through, moving very slowly. we will have will be disturbances ruling along that as we go through today and tomorrow. until that passes we'll have chances for showers to work their way in the forecast and we can see that future trend brings more showers in here by 4:00, maybe your commute home possible as we go a little bit later on things will begin to dry out, especially as we head into your saturday. things looking much better. we thought that we'd see more showers, but high pressure will begin to build in as we go
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through saturday. the temperature coming in at 80 degrees and then by tonight, yes, the ravens are playing and the temperature will be around 70 degrees. showers still possible. kick off at 8:20 and here's a check of the 7-day forecast and we will see more showers in sunday. good morning, loving all the birds on your forecast, unfortunately the rain has really led to a hectic commute. we're dealing with a crash on the harrisburg express way. it's along the northbound lanes at mount caramel road, hopefully the delays will start to dissipate soon. if you are using the jfx to get into the city, traveling southbound from the beltway, you're looking at a 12 minute ride. so traffic starting to pick up in the area and once you get downtown, you will want to watch out for a crash on east brad street at president's street. and a live look outside here on the west side of the beltway at
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liberty road, that outer loop will be pretty slow as you make the drive down towards route 40 and here's 695 in parkvillings outer loop going to be the main concern. before we go this morning, we have to show you this. have you ever wondered what it looks like when you give your dog a lemon. take a look. this dog owner decided to give her little pup a bite out of a lemon and as you can see, he went nuts. he started jumping all over the couch, hitting his head against the cushion. >> there's a level of abuse here. >> he didn't like it. >> finger nail polish remover, too. he'll try to get away from it. >> you don't let him drink it. >> i didn't do it anything. he'll like run. >> good morning america is next. thank you so much for joining us. we'll start tomorrow alternate
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4:30. >> -- at 4:30. we'll be back in 45 minutes. we'll see you then. for my terrible allergy congestion, i get the power of claritin-d. sinus pressure? nothing works stronger or faster than claritin-d. get non-drow claritin-d at the pharmacy counter. live claritin clear.
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